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Housing Foundation for Sarpy County initiated a task force in October 2019 to investigate affordability of housing in the County.  The Board of Directors has worked with community partners and a generous grant from Nebraska Investment Finance Authority to fund a housing study for the entire county.  Completed in April 2020 the Study gives detailed information about the Housing Needs of Sarpy County for the next five years.  

The Executive Summary of the study is available here.  

The full version of the study is available for download here.

Important Elements of the Study:

  • 5-year action plan formed with Goals, Action Steps, and Planning Initiatives
  • Establishes a “housing vision” and provides a “vehicle to implement” programs
  • 69,591 households forecasted to grow to 73,886 in five years
  • 2% vacancy rate indicates little to choose from
  • Workforce housing recommendation is 2,900 units or $400 million in five years
  • Housing replacement needs as a result of 2019 flooding disaster is $30 million
  • Land use projections for Sarpy Communities is 600 acres
  • Identifies Top Issues / Barriers to obtaining affordable housing in Sarpy County
  • Demographics
  • Income Profile, Trends & Projections
  • Employment Trends
  • Household Growth
  • Targeted Housing Demand identified by community and income


If you wish to be involved in the programs or would like more information on the next steps, please contact us at or Carolyn Pospisil, Executive Director at (402) 733-8179.

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