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Porting in to Sarpy County, NE

If you are interested in moving into the jurisdiction of BHA and you are currently a voucher participant, please read the following information: Sarpy County is experiencing a housing shortage in regards to availability and landlords accepting Section 8 vouchers. We advise you to secure housing placement prior to officially porting to Sarpy County through Bellevue Housing Agency. BHA is currently billing. You will need to contact your current Housing Authority to fill out all proper paperwork.  After they have sent us your information, we will set up an appointment with you.

All incoming portability documentation for participants who are porting into our jurisdiction is to be faxed, emailed or mailed to:

Fax: 402-734-4358

Mail to:

Bellevue Housing Agency

8214 Armstrong Cir

Bellevue, NE 68147

Contact Person: Jaime Gibson or 402-734-5448 x 102

Porting out of Bellevue Housing Agency

If you are wanting to move to another Housing Authority, we will need you to fill out a move packet and portability form. We ask you turn in all paperwork 45 days before you intend to move. Please make sure where you are wanting to Port is accepting Vouchers.

Once we receive the ALL paperwork, we will send you information to the Housing Authority of your choice.

30 Day Notice

Landlord Reference

Portability Request Form

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