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When will the Section 8 waiting list reopen?

The Bellevue Housing Agency's Section 8 waiting list is closed.  We are currently pulling names from our 2023 waitlist. We do not have a date at this time on when our waitlist will open. We will post on our website and send out communications when we are able to reopen the waiting list. We recommend that you sign up for our newsletter and notifications.

How does Section 8 differ from Public Housing? How does it fit into the BHA mission?

Public Housing communities are owned and operated by Bellevue Housing Agency (BHA) and Public Housing tenants rent directly from BHA. Section 8 tenants, however, rent from private property owners and applicable rental assistance is provided by BHA through its HCV program. The rental properties may be apartments, town homes, detached single family homes, duplexes, or even mobile homes. Section 8 Program participants are issued vouchers guaranteeing the property owner that Section 8 will pay a certain portion of the tenant's rent. The amount paid will differ from tenant to tenant depending on family size and income. The program participant and owner execute a lease, just as the property owner would do with any other renter who does not receive assistance. However, Section 8 also executes a contract with the owner specifying the amount Section 8 will pay toward the rent.

How does a Section 8 participant find places to rent?

All new Section 8 participants must attend a briefing at BHA in order to receive their vouchers. A Landlord listing reported by Landlords seeking clients to rent their units, can be obtained on our resource page. Families are also encouraged to use other means of seeking housing throughout Sarpy County. Checking newspaper ads is one example; many apartment complexes include "Section 8 Welcome" in the wording of their ads.

When do tenant re-examinations occur and when can rent be increased?

  1. Annual re-examinations are completed yearly in order to update the program participant’s income, household composition, assets and deductions. This process must be completed 90 to 120 days prior to the expiration of their initial lease and contract date.
  2. Interim re-examinations are completed when the family reports a change in income, composition assets, or deductions outside of the re-certification period. When a change is made to the family's rent, the owner is mailed an addendum to the lease stating the rent change and its effective date.  
  3. Requests for Rent Increases should be requested 120 days prior to the anniversary date. Rent increases can only be requested once every 12 months.

What are the responsibilities of BHA?

  • Review all applications to determine whether an applicant is eligible for the program.
  • Explain the rules of the program to all of the families who qualify.
  • Issue vouchers.
  • Approve the unit and the owner.
  • Make housing assistance payments (HAP) in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that owners and families comply with the program rules.
  • Provide families and owners with prompt, professional service.
  • Determine rent reasonableness.

What are the responsibilities of the Owner?

  • Screen families who apply to determine if they will be good renters.
  • Comply with all federal, state and local laws, and not discriminate against any family.
  • Maintain the housing unit, including making all necessary repairs in a timely manner.
  • Comply with the terms of the Housing Assistance Contract with BHA.
  • Collect rent and the security deposit due from the tenant.
  • Manage your unit/property.

What are the responsibilities of the Voucher Holder?

  • Provide BHA with complete and accurate information.
  • Make their best effort to find a place to live that is suitable for them and that qualifies for the program.
  • Cooperate in attending all appointments scheduled by BHA.
  • Take responsibility for the care of the unit.
  • Comply with the terms of the lease with the owner.
  • Comply with the Family Obligations of their voucher.
  • Comply with all state, federal and local laws for all household members and guests.

Why can't I find housing in Sarpy County?

Sarpy County is experiencing a housing shortage in regards to availability and landlords accepting Section 8 vouchers. Please refer to our suggested list of landlords and apartment found on our Resource page.

The Section 8 program regulations are at 24 CFR Part 983. Additional information about the Section 8 program can be found by visiting the Section 8 program web pages at the HUD website.

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