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The forms on this page are for current housing authority clients.  Download of forms does not represent any compliance with regulations. Forms must be returned to the Bellevue Housing Authority office in order to be considered as completed.  

Mail:  8214 Armstrong Circle, Bellevue, NE  68147

Fax:  402-734-4358

Email: admin@bellevuehousing.com

Current Tenant Resources

If you have an annual reexamination due, please mail the paperwork to the office, email them to your Housing Specialist, or use the drop box on the East side of the building.

For Section 8 households: We are suspending all inspections.  These will be rescheduled in the future.  This will not impact your assistance or renewals.

For Public Housing households:  Maintenance will be operating on an emergency basis only.  They will be doing outside work but will not be entering homes unless for emergency repairs.

Income Changes

We understand that the current situation may mean income changes for many of our families.  Forms are available for download below and outside of our drop box.  These will be processed as they are received.  

Change forms can be downloaded --HERE--

Return forms via email to admin@sarpyhousing.org, by mail, or in our drop box.


Contact Information:

Jaime Gibson, HCV Coordinator                   402-734-5448 x 102   jaime@sarpyhousing.org

Lynn Maresh, Housing Specialist                   402-734-5448 x 104   lynn@sarpyhousing.org

Monica Battreall, Service Coordinator           402-734-5448 x 103   monica@sarpyhousing.org

General Mailbox                                             admin@sarpyhousing.org







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