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To provide opportunities for improved quality of life and self-sufficiency for families assisted by the Bellevue Housing Agency through increasing exposure to community resources and expanding the housing options available in Sarpy County, NE.



We have strong partnerships with many community businesses and organizations.  Please support our Community Partners.  




Thrive in Five

This is our Cornerstone program. We are working with families to build their self-sufficiency. See what we are doing HERE.


Current Events

SAVE THE DATE: Fifth Annual Power of the Purse is February 21st.  More information is on our event page.

Goals of Housing Foundation for Sarpy County

1. To recruit community partners to enhance and expand available services to the clients of Bellevue Housing Agency (BHA).

2. To assist the Bellevue Housing Agency (BHA) in promoting a positive image to its participants and the community at large.

3. To promote and advance decent, safe and sanitary affordable housing within Sarpy County.

4. To assist BHA in the promotion, management and administration of home ownership programs for persons of low income, elderly, or handicapped persons of low income.

5. To accept contributions, grants or other financial assistance from government agencies, public and private foundations and individuals in aid of any of the foregoing purposes or related environmental and similar problems of persons of low income, elderly or handicapped persons of low income, and to those ends, to comply with such conditions and to enter into such contracts, covenants, leases or agreements as may be necessary, convenient or desirable to secure said financial aid or cooperation.

6. To assist the BHA in establishing a plan for sustainability.

7. To establish advisory groups for projects as needed.

8. To utilize the knowledge, talents and gifts within each family that comprises the BHA to help them create a self sustaining community.


General Information - Foundation

The Housing Foundation for Sarpy County is a non-profit affiliate of the Bellevue Housing Agency Serving Sarpy County.   Established in 2007, the Foundation provides support services for clients of the Bellevue Housing Agency. 

The Foundation provides mentoring, peer group support, counseling and monthly educational programs to help participants achieve their economic self sufficiency goals. Over the years, residents have seen success including acceptance into college and graduation, better jobs and increased income.  Many residents have been able to leave our programs permanently after reaching educational and employment goals.

This program receives no HUD funding and is paid 100% by community donations.  If you'd like to support our efforts, please consider a program donation.


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